Havuu produces interior solutions for public and private spaces. Havuu also makes high-quality furniture.

At Havuu we think in modules. All our solutions and furniture are adaptable and versatile. Tailoring and designing solutions together with the customer is a key element of our approach. Havuu’s goal is to find effective new architectural solutions, which mean that the whole space can be used efficiently. We also want to give customers good, long-term service. At Havuu teamwork and seamless project management are key values.

Havuu uses outstanding materials and production methods. Our elements and furniture are made from Metsä Wood’s Kerto laminated veneer lumber, and our methods allow free-form design. This gives the final product a handicraft-like, personal touch.

Kerto laminated veneer lumber is suited to a wide range of environments. It has excellent acoustic properties and numerous positive psychological effects. For example, in offices free-form shapes can add warmth to an often box-like environment.

The option of re-building and re-arranging the various elements brings benefits for both the customer and the environment. Havuu’s solutions allow the space to be fully re-configured without the need for new furniture. Havuu’s production processes keep material losses to a minimum. And your Havuu furnishings will last a lifetime.