What do we offer?

Havuu offers high-quality, ecological, modular interior solutions and furniture for public and private spaces. The main raw material in Havuu® products is the CE-certified, highly engineered wood product Kerto® (LVL).

Multi-space Offices

toimistoymparisto Constantly developing information and communications technology has brought new ways of using spaces. The modern multi-space office allows suitable working spaces for specific tasks: quiet spaces for demanding work requiring concentration; spaces for groups; as well as meeting points for various types of conference and coworking. Havuu designs and produces structural and acoustic rooms for public and office environments. Project furniture collection consist of project furniture and interior solutions mainly for open spaces. Unprecedented free-form design gives the elements structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal. Their production is also cost-effective and fully in tune with the principles of sustainable development.  

Design Services

Havuu offers three main design services: space planning, re-design and customization. Customers can commission Havuu’s architects to re-design their spaces using their existing Havuu elements. The unique production method makes customized products cost-effective for the customer.


Havuu furniture is made of Kerto® wood. Structurally strong Kerto® laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is manufactured at the Metsä Wood factory. The raw material is harvested from sustainably managed Finnish forests. The entire processing chain, from harvesting the timber to the manufacturing process, is PEFC certified.